Another Chapter of En’s Life

Finally, KJ and i are going to get married…. currently, the date is being set at 18th Sept 2010…  28th May 2010…. No particular meaning to it… just that the Tong Shui says that it’s a good day to get married… However, i seems to have 2nd thoughts about it… cos i am worried… being together is one matter and being in union is also another matter… getting married is not as simple as what i think too… i have my own ideas and i also got to listen to the elderly… i want a simple event but no longer the reception that i’ve always wished… nothing romantic in a proposal too… and there’s the photos to worry about too… haiz… i just wanna be with you….

about my job, i am having doubts too… i really hate the environment that i am in as it’s a very very politic place and can you imagine there is less than 30 of us of there… and some are sick in the mind… i am so multi task and earning peanuts… think it’s really time to say Goodbye but i have a 3mths notice period…. can you imagine i am just a admin….

On a lighter side, met up with my dearies on friday and we had fun… it’s been so long since i last party and i think i should do that more frequently to de-stress…. here’s some picts:


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