Diva?? Bitch?? Half a man!!

it has been such a long time since my last entry… well, working makes me no mood to blog at all… keke… it’s just an excuse… well, some interesting facts about my current job… i am working for a local wine company and i am working together with my boyfriend… going and coming home together… i am enjoying this kind of company even after 11 years of courtship…

my title simply do meant something right?? i simply thinks that every company has a bitch that thinks so highly of themselves…. but sorry to say that EnEn is not someone that let’s you mess with… so Diva Bitch, keep your fuc*ing attitude to those that thinks you are the great almighty… **but hey! there is no one!!**

sometimes i really think that the problem lies with me… but everyone thinks the same way too. SO, am i the one behaving like a bitch or is it you?? Half a man??

on the happier note, i have gotten myself a new baby…. SonyEricsson W395… i know that this may be a old model but i have gotten myself the Hello Kitty version… and i am loving it…. this lightens the my mood a little… did buy some stuffs but forgot to take the photos… mostly pets stuff cos i am showering my Noona with lotsa TLC…. keke… BTW, i am not a dog mama but a jie jie as Noona is my little sister….

PS: my mood is sick cos i am disgusted by a fake half a man!!!


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