My Not Too Fantastic BKK Trip…..

Seriously, i think that Bangkok is being overrated…. why do i say so? The trip that i went from 11th July to 13th July isn’t a good one… maybe it’s that i had expected things to be much cheaper but the land of smile now seems a bit reluctant to give discounts…. i had even seen shops that post a board stating : No Bargain… i was like WTH!! isn’t this part of the shopping culture in Bangkok?? No photos taken [apart from my loot and some ladyboy] as BF is camera shy…. erm… he doesn’t like to be photograph all along and i have given up trying all these years…. Upon arrival at the hotel and getting ready to shop around… i stay at CiTin and i should say that overall i am very happy with the service and everything especially the staff….

My personal Naraya loot

Total Naraya damage!!
This is the buy from Day 1!!
I think that the best part of the Bangkok trip is the Naraya store… i had wanted to buy more but i had to control myself for Day 2 and Day 3 so…..

Some LadyBoy Action @ Asia Hotel… THB1200 for 2….

This is my fav… it’s a 100% HE… he adds a lot of fun into the whole show….

The overall rating of this show is 8/10. The 2 marks is minus cos some of them were kinda… erm… aged??
Day 2… this is at the very very hot and famous JJ market… i didn’t really shop through as it was too hot.

Pretty stuff for Noona!!
Total stuff from JJ Market… 2 of the doggie clothes were for Missy, Max and FiFi…. FiFi is the sister of Noona while the other 2 were step siblings of Noona… same mother different father… a bit messy….

Goodie for family….
The 2 medicated cream from BKK…. the retin-a is good stuff and it’s super cheap… THB120 and this is going to last me for at least 1 year… i usually use this on pimple, spots and scars…. The demovate cream is for my dad… for rashes is super good… this is a little ex… THB 195 for 15gm and THB 900 for the large tube… i think is 100gm??
My total loot for the 2 days…. that’s right…. i didn’t buy any makeup or skincare…. suprise?? this is not a lot for the amount of money that we have spent on the stuff…. haiz….

Some of the yummy food @ ChinaTown BKK….. let the pictures do the talking….

SGD4 for a bowl of birdnest, anyone?? Although i do not love birdnest but it’s a must to eat it….
OMG!! I look preggy…. HELP!!!!!

Updates photos of Noona!!

I am going to change Noona to Fish4Dogs kibbles…. Hope it is going to be fine as the previous one Roya* something, i heard from Petshop staff that it is not too good.

I am disappointed… some personal issues….


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