i am wasting my time

I have been like lazing at home for the past 2 weeks and did nothing except some annoying projects… i am so glad that it is the last that i have to do as this is the last 2 subjects and hopefully, i will be able to pass the 2 papers in August….

I have been thinking of should i continue to do my degree… BF gave me the idea 3 days ago cos he was like saying: "Instead of looking for a job, why don’t you study full time and take some part time job?" i was like HUH!! cos i am not that prepared to be a fulltime student as money is a big issue for me.

As for the job search, i have been sending a few resumes out but so far, no replies except from Prudential… i did not remember sending out any applications to them… spoke to a Mr Alan and i am still considering as i really hate going to roadshows and i simply do not want to stand at the MRT stations… LOL!!

Irene aunt was nice to ask me to help out at her sis-in-law’s childcare which i think i will be going over part time as i continue my job search…. but this only happens after my BKK trip….

YAY!! i am going to BKK in 2 days time…. TOM YAM GONG!!


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