I did some shopping again….

Headed to Compasspoint Library and being a drugstore addict, i headed to Watsons and Faceshop…..

What’s in here??

Reveal…. 3 travel bottles for the upcoming BKK trip…
And a Revlon Protective Liptint in Pink Rose… there is a $3 discount at the moment and it only cost me $13.90.

taken w/o flash

tada… 2 Glow mag as i love the pouch…..

 My faceshop buys…. 2 facial wash for Dad and BF…..

Remember my little pup name Noona?? here’s a photo of me and her….


14 thoughts on “I did some shopping again….

    • haha… i love the prints of the pouch and they are so cheap… super worth the $2…. i have gotten the liptint after reading prisc’s post and there is a $3 discount now… go get it!!

    • yup… the lady boss didn’t want to keep so many pups so Noona is back with me… the 1st week was a bit hard for me to adjust but i am doing well now…. sweet little fellow that doesn’t bark unless lost in playing….

  1. how long has she been with u already?
    do u live near the north west or in the east?
    we usually have dog gatherings if u’re interested to socialize ur baby 🙂 how old is Noona?

    • she has been with me for almost 3 weeks… i live near north east… hougang side… think Noona now cannot socialize as she is only 2.5 mths old… born 12th April… waiting for 2nd jab on 11th Jul….

      socialize a bit hard for me too as i have phobia towards dogs… haha…

    • oh… socializing is still ok now cos my cousin have 3 dogs and 1 is her sister [same parents] and 2 siblings [same mother different father…

      as for me, my phobia of dogs is scary one…

  2. yes dear, but its impt for u to expose to many different dogs throughout her life, not just the same few yup…

    may i ask y u have a fear of other dogs?

    u can join our shetland gatherings…shetlands are way too friendly to cause any fear…lol

    • i also do not know why i have fear towards dogs… maybe since young was frighten by my mama…. but family dogs are always fine after some interaction… haha…

    • haha… i read some of the things that a puppy may be afraid of… basically, my little Noona is not afraid of anything and she only barks once a day?? very quiet dog i should say…

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