The ongoing job search sucks and miscommunications had caused me to start all over again… i am in such a foul mood that i didn’t even bother to do any celebration for my birthday but still thanks everyone for the wishes… i have gotten myself a little bundle of fur trouble on my 26th birthday – A maltese x Shih Tzu name Noona… she is a 2 months cute female pup but i am super terrified of her… haha… she is in the teething stage and her bites hurts like hell… my dad is educating her at the moment…. cross my fingers….

here’s some photos that i have taken in the month of June…. enjoy….

Being a super Etude House fan, how could i miss going into the new opening at Plaza Singapura… there’s a cute Korean guy that gives out a furry pen at the enterance… didn’t take any photos but it is super crowded….
The items that i have gotten… a BB mist that i use as a toner…. will do a review soon when i have the mood… i am a moody gal…. a Peach Water Gloss and 2 spare sponge for my Peach pact…. total damage? $38…..
Some birthday gifts…..
From Keng and Kelly…. From Diana…
From Belmond…
From Mag….
The above gifts were from my classmates from PSB…. thanks peopel…..

Some of my buys…..

A EDM spree with  and i always love her freebies!!!!
i love the pouch and i am going back to Watsons to get all 3 designs….

In the month of June, i did not buy much as it was save save save but the pup had made me spent like $500?? it was just a small token to Cousin’s lady boss for the adoption of Noona….. i need a job badly…..

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