Happy Shopping and Tennis tomorrow!!!

Tada!! Went to Northpoint to see some cute little maltese from a petshop but i ended up with a pink tennis racquet!! Yup, that’s the hand of BF…. and this is the view of my living room…… i’ll be starting to play tennis tomorrow and hope that this passion will burn for a long time…..
Back to my favourite topic…. i bought skincare again… i am so depress to find some fleckles on my cheekbone and i decided to buy some off shelves products that once WOW me…..

Yes… it’s the Garnier Whitening Series…. i used to use this when it was 1st launch and at the point of time, i was still a student…. and absolutely love the results but switch to SK2 when my income starting coming in… anyway, i have decided to stop buying SK2 as i heard from some forum that Maxfac*** is animal tested and i am afraid that this may be the same as well…. wel… save the money and buy something elses…..

i notice that there is a new product that is being launch…. the overnight peeling cream… tried it yesterday and notice……. nothing….. will review these soon!!
Tried this and i love the smell…. effects??? not at the moment!!

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