Almost a proud mama!!

Within 2 weeks, i had almost become a proud mama of a female Maltese X ShihTzu but decided not to adopt it in the end as no one is able to give the furkid the care when i am working during the day… it is very sad to have the furkid all alone at home during the day and the worst part is that my house is not puppy-proof….. i have 2 fish tanks and lots of wires around my house…. there isn’t a place for me to set up the playpen too… Anyway this furkid is not from some breeder but one of my close relatives…. anyway hope that the furkid will find a good home and NOPE!! i am still not giving up, i will have a furkid of my own in my new flat – Ponggol Lodge…..

Looking back, time sure passes fast… i should say that not all things are going my way and it really upsets me a lot but i have also learnt along the way to wait patiently and to accept everything with an open heart. i now do not hope for lots of things to go my way but i’ll wait till my flat is ready and i want everything to be the perfect HOME, notice that it is home not house….

till later…..


10 thoughts on “Almost a proud mama!!

      • OMO!! i go to your blog always… think through links either through Dog Forum or Zen’s blog… or Bear Bear’s blog….

      • omg serious~!?? lol…wad a coincidence…i read Zen and Bear’s blog too…lol…

        anyway i know what u’re going thru cuz i waited for so many yrs til i finally got my dog…begged my parents like crazy til i almost died…i’ve been wanting one since i was really young!! but im glad i waited cuz if i had gotten one when i was younger (and ignorant)then my dog would have been one of those out-of-control spoilt-rotten mutts!!

        so getting a dog is like finding love…u gotta wait for the perfect one to come by at the right time =P

      • thanks for the advice…. i am prepared to have the furkid but it’s just that no one wanna help if i need to be in school every wed and fri till late and no one wants to help to clean the house too…

        i am considering as i really love the furkid after looking at the picture my cousin sent me…. HELP!!!!

      • well i can’t tell u what u should or should not do…my only advice is to not rush when making ur decision and to way ur pros and cons…and then u decide…

        and u have to be prepared to give up a lot of time to be with ur dog…like the time u have now for shopping or going out for movies u will be spending that time grooming ur dog, training him/her, cleaning up after him/her…socialising him/her…taking him/her to dog runs, to the park to the pool etc…

        …and if u have a bf/husband? best to discuss everything with him and let him know what having a dog is like…cuz not everyone will be willing to give up their free time to spend with a dog if he/she is not a dog lover…like my ex couldn’t take it when i had to take my dog with me and that every decision i made i have to think for the dog first…

        or ur family if u’re living with them…they also need to know what having a dog arnd is like…discuss and agree upon rules for the dog…cuz everyone must be consistent on what the dog is allowed to do or not allowed to (eg she can’t jump onto ur beds etc)…cuz if one family member allows her to but another doesn’t, ur dog will get confused…and id they’re willing to clear ur dog’s pee/poo when u;’re not around…

        also…u need to read up a lot and im sure u already have since u’re a member of dfs..but the reading is never-ending..haha…

        well that’s all i have to say for now…sorry for being so naggy and longwinded…lol…but just don’t want u to get a “shock” after u get ur dog…lol

      • NO no no…. you are not being naggy at all… staying at home with the dog is no problem at all cos BF and me loves to laze at home… i am usually reading and he will stare at his ‘prawn’ tanks…. he is ok with me getting a shis tzu X maltese although he would prefer a jack russel…. haha….

        i think the hardest part is family as no one’s wants to help out…. everyone wants to have dog but when sharing about responsibility, everyone runs away… BF and me have night classes and that’s the time where i need help but but…. sad…

  1. well if the dog is already paper trained its ok to leave him at home for short periods of time like when u go for classes..for example if his pee area is in the kitchen then get a baby gate and leave him in the kitchen for that few hrs til he’s more “independent” and when u feel he can be “trusted” to roam the house when u’re not in without peeing all over then its ok…

    but then again discuss with ur family members properly…cuz sometimes they say ok now…then later on if they say “i didn’t agree to let u keep the dog” its gonna be a problem


    • Nah… it’s not paper train cos as per today, the furkid is only 3.5 weeks…. and i am only able to get a week leave to train the pup so i must learn to tell myself – Maybe this is not the one for me….

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