Essence, Serums and Packs!!

I remember did a Beauty Talk entry on Serums and Essence and i have also decided to post what types of serums and essences that i have… i am more of a skincare person rather than a makeup although i enjoy buying both….

The Vitamin Solution that i got from TFS together with my blur purchase of the Sleeping Mask today at Compass Point.The ingredients if you are interested!! It claimed to replenished the skin’s needed vitamins and gives it a healthy glow, i like the smell so it’s into my collection…. cost $41.90.
Tada!! I choose the serums base on my skin’s need but i usually use the Skinfood Sake Peach during the day as it’s has oil control…. tried the Rojukiss serum and i have been thinking should i get it but i ended with the TFS Vitamin Solution…. My favourite would have to be the TFS Hyaluronic Acid serum as always leaves my skin feeling moist…. hyaluronic acid is my fav ingredient!!

Apart from serums, i also use sleeping packs almost every night as the last step of skincare…. the only time that i do not is i have applied vitamin C powder….. it’s leaves my skin feeeling supple in the next morning!!

Finally, my babies again!!


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