Anyone wants to share??

Hi People,

I have manage to get hold of the supplier whom i used to order but i need to but in bulks to be able to get the good price….. I have emailed the lady and she quoted me 10 boxes at $14 each. [Edited on 31/03 – I have sent another email to her after i did come calculation as they have a 6+1 promo that cost $15per box and it works out ot only $12.50 per box so i am waiting for a reply from her. Meanwhile if nobody seems to be interested, i will just purchase for myself but i’ll have to make a trip down to the store]  But if i can hit 30 boxes, the ampoules are going at $10 each. [all quoted before GST]

Each box contain 10 vials of 3ml ampoule….

here are the types they have…

Vitamin C

i am still not sure how i am going to order these but the lady quoted that with purchases above $100, they’ll do a free delivery to my home. Do leave me a comment if interested and this entry is for friends only…..

PS: i am damn stress up from all the mugging for my coming papers!!!!

edited 01/04: this deal is off as she gave me a very ridiculous reply explaining that i am not able to purchase the 6+1 promo as they want to protect their client base and so on…. i think i’ll buy the Vit C i am intending to get from other sources…


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