Yeah!! A happy weekend that left me very much poorer….

Had my acrylic nails removed after 10 weeks and they felt kinda raw…. i had decided to let them take a break as i understand that long periods of having acrylic nails will destory my own…. i follow up with a manicure session as acrylic had caused lots of cuticles. Total damage: $49

The whole process took me about 1.5hr and after that, BF and me proceed to AMK Hub… [thanks to BF for waiting again when i do my nails] Initially, i had wanted to shop at Skinfood but the SA over at AMK Hub seems to be not so friendly and so….. i went to The FaceShop which is also my favourite Korean brand in Singapore…

Got the suncream as i had recently finish my sunblock and i kinda like the smell of the Quick & Clean range, after owning the toner and BB cream so…… got the Fluid as well…. [BTW, anyone interested in the Mentholatum Moisturizer pls leave a comment, going for $4.50 mailed or a swap for something interesting, used 4x] And a nail polish… Total damage: $48.15 after 5% discount.

Went to WARS at Far East Plaza for a haircut today with BF and i really enjoyed the shampoo part as the massage was SHIOK!! After which i proceed to Heatwave and bought 2 pairs of heels…. my 2nd pair was 50% off.

Black for work and Gold… well, i am a su*ker for Gold heels!!!

As requested by kimoko, i did my very 1st swatch of the Kate eyeshadow that i got in KL. I had never done any swatch before as i am super lazy but nevertheless, here it is…. Sorry for the poor effect that i have done:

left to right = bottom up, I only rubbed lightly….
Sorry my swatch sucks but here’s a photo of how it looks on me…..

very very neutral as i did not build up the colours…

Have a Good Night rest and haiz, why is Monday always coming so fast…….


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