Happy 2009!!

In another 5 minutes, the 1st day of 2009 is coming to an end… whoa!! 2008 sure passes fast… what is 2009 going to be for me? Mmm… i think i got to start planning… i never had any resolutions as i think that they are all hard to achieve so why make life so hard for myself if i am not able to get what i want?? very very wrong thinking so please do not learn!!

Think i’ll have to start some goals foy myself for 2009, so here they are:-

  1. To complete my Diploma by 2009
  2. To be happy at work [got to learn to fight for rights]
  3. To start saving apart from the savings plan
  4. To buy less makeups and skincares [this is gonna be so hard]
  5. To have less MCs taken

The goals might seems a little and not too ambitious but i think the most important thing that i have to achieve is to complete my diploma smoothly and then sees how everything goes after that….

end this entry with some cute photos of my cousin’s pups… everyone, meet Missy and Max!!

This is Hip Hop Max!

Darling Princess Missy!!

The Denim X’mas gift from me…. aren’t they happy??

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