Feets belong to someone else…..

Finish the 10km marathon in about 1hr 35mins… i am proud of myself to have finished walking the 10km and of course there are some small jogs in between, chit chats and laughter all the way… the sad thing is i left my camera in the baggage deposit as i was too pissed off. imagine i took 45mins just to find the baggage deposit area as people were telling me all sorts of directions. AND TRACY FAM dearie, you overslept… HA!!

I just woke up after a 5 hours of nap and MY LEGS ARE JELLY…. suffered a couple of blisters too and i completely have no idea how they are formed…. think that the people that kept encouraging the runners through the race is doing a great job… i am tired but happy and I AM GONNA JOIN THE STANDARD CHARTERED MARATHON 2009.

The JB One Day trip on 06th Dec 08:

This is the Q at the Malaysia custom after one hour’s of squeezing and pushing and sweating…. in total i Q 1hr 45mins and i think that the Malaysia did a very correct decision of dimolishing this place and building a new one… i do know the ugly side of Singaporean and yesterday i just think that some Singaporean are just rude, crude, brainless, sh*tty, inconsiderate and a whole list of negative thinking…. think everyone know what i am implying…. anyway i hope that the new custom will be better and faster and more aircon please.

The last time i went to Malaysia was in Oct 2006… wha… 2 years ago… i used to frequent Malaysia JB on a weekly basic last time until i join SCB. But this time to JB was the worst human jam that i have encounter…. but overall,i had fun….

 Not Jumbo but Jimbo… the place where i had my dinner of seafood. Located opposite Holiday Plaza… The salted egg crab is yummy and finger licking.

The Happiest Moment:
SkinFood Peach Sake Serum that i got for RM 57.90 that works out to about SGD 24.00. I wanted to buy the whole range to try but control myself as i do not want to have too many products resting around and getting wasted. I love the smell….. Free samples of a beer shampoo and a celery facial foam.

Majolica Majorca products, look at the prices… with an additonal 10% discount… i am not sure of what is the exchange rate as i use CC to pay this…. the RM that i changed wasn’t enough as i only change SGD 100 for makan makan with BF and friends…. Got the pressed powder 24hr as it is more like a skincare more than a makeup and the OD Control… it’s cheap and there’s no need to travel far far as all the above purchases are made at City Square….

got to rest now as i am sleepy again….


2 thoughts on “Feets belong to someone else…..

  1. Skin Food in Mysia is very generous for samples! unlike Singapore!

    The pressed fantasia, is that a translucent powder or something? its too white and pale as a pressed powder!

    • i think that the branch at City Square is not generous as the 2 samples are the only they gave me…. i only purchase the serum but it was a combine payment with my friends’ items that total to quite a huge amount…. there was toner, masks, serums and more masks… haiz… think i am used to SA not giving samples…. juat like TFS…

      The pressed fantasia is not translucent… i apply it and i have a white face… LOL!! anyway i am using it at night as a final step when i am not using any sleeping mask as this is actualy a vitamin powder… my guy friend bought it as well…

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