Watson’s Ionic Facial Massager

Went to Watson’s Hougang Point just now to purchase the Ionic Facial Massager @ SGD 24.90. Have been eyeing this ‘toy’ for some times but didn’t get it as i think that as compared to the ones i used to use for customer’s face when working as a beautician, this is just like a toy…. lol!! but i got it in the end cos i think there is no way i am going to spend SGD 3000+++ for a machine. And it’s a good way to destress myself from my Human Resource Management paper tomorrow. I am going crazy over the paper!! Think it’s gonna be an F!! OMG!! well, from now on i will be blogging only here as i think it’s crazy to maintain 2 blogs… i mean i am no stars so one is enough for me…. i’ve deteled the blogger account.
Presenting the Ionic Facial Massager:

 Lovely baby pink and i like the fact that it fits nicely into the palm. i have not tried it yet but i will try it tomorrow night after my papers. A little infomation on the ionic thingy: the negative ions are suppose to draw impurities out and the positive ions are suppose to aid in the penetration of serums, will have a review on it soon.


Got  a NuTeen pimple get at SGD 5.50 too. Hopes this works on the zits as well as TFS Quick & Clean but mostly BF will be using this. So i guess there won’t be any review from me.

 Addition information on the box.



This Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-on that i got it on 29th Nov @ SGD 19.90 from Watson’s. I have been using this since and i like the feeling of the metal ball rolling around the eye area. Have a cooling effect but my dark eye circles are still there. My Nutshell eye gel i use it for the day but i think it only helps to keep the eye area hydrated. DARK EYE CIRCLES are the latest PR of my face….

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