Thought on some of my ♥playmates♥

i am too lazy to upload the pictures but i shall do some reviews that i have for my lovely playmates as well as a introduction of my daily beauty routine.

Cleansing – Currently Biore wash for sensitive skin. Must be surprise why do i choose such a cheap washing foam…. well, i always feel that the most important point is to have a clean face so that i am ready for all the skincare. i do not particularly stick to one brand of washing foam.

Toner – SK2 Aqua Physics Serum. Must be funny why am i using a serum as a toner, erm… it was as instructed by the SA of SK2, they say that the serum is suppose to be used as a toner to prepare the skin for the SK2 Miracle Water.

Serum – SK2 Miracle Water. I am faithfully using this as i tried to stop 2 years ago when there was a negative report on the contents of SK2 products and switch to other brands. ended up i was suffering for 2 years of horrible skin as i was always having breakouts and the scars took years to heal.

Moisturer – SK2 Aqua Physics Gel. it heals dehydrated skin in just a minute i should say and it doesn’t feel heavy on me.

the above are the usual steps in the morning and night. 

Sunblock – ZA SPF 26+++. I can’t remember the actual name and i am too lazy to walk to my room and checked. I told you i am a lazy girl.

Base – Monistat [you know what is that]. This is a great product and all thanks tokimoko
Makeup – BB Cream and EDM. The basic that is a everyday must and some of my other playmates could be found at my other blog

The above is my daycare and i am happy with the current result. 

After the usual routine, i will apply a layer of Leneige Sleeping mask like 3 to 4 times a week. A every night mask is the lash serum that i am always changing brands, currently Canmake. Still happy with the results now
What’s yours??




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